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Automation & IIoT Solutions

The Defoam 100 is an IIOT solution that is cost effective and smart for sensing foam levels in the wash bath process. Once levels rise, the sensor activates the water system and deactivates when the foam levels subside. With its 3G or WIFI communication it allows the process to run more efficient. This informs the plant operator alerts of high foam levels and water leaks. Controlling everything remotely by any smart device reduces overhead and mitigating loss of equipment

The Defoam 100 may also be installed within the water lines for freeze and leak detection. This is beneficial for preventative water loss and system damage. Reducing search time and extra expense in outsourcing plumbing services foam which could be timely and interrupt production.

  • Cost Effective
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Virtually a Maintenance-Free Solution
  • Performance in extreme weather environments

Bennefits of the MCSC DeFoam System

Realize maximum value with our expertise in embedded systems for industrial IoT.

To eliminate the use of chemicals for foam control in manufacturing and processing industries. Our success will reflect our Customer’s success by providing green solutions that significantly reduce or eliminate foam control costs.

Cost Effective

  • Reduce or totally eliminate cost of expensive defoaming chemicals
  • Eliminate unwanted chemicals from food processing
  • Virtually a Maintenance-Free Solution
  • Minimal operating cost
  • Installs without affecting production

Enviromentaly Friendly

  • GREEN initiatives – Reduce chemicals used
  • Supports food industry initiative to eliminate trans-fats and/or silicone-based chemicals
  • Eliminates potential bacterial contamination from defoamer

Virtually a Maintenace-Free Solution

  • NO MORE defoamer delivery systems
  • NO MORE Maintenance of delivery systems
  • NO MORE adjustment of defoamer rates
  • NO MORE clean up foam overflows ond residue
  • NO MORES tote handling and storage
  • NO MORE Supply Chain Management





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Automated remote foam Sensor

Smart Defoam Management System

Smart Automated Foam Management System will allow the user to connect to multiple sites under one account. It connects all mechanical equipment and smart devices using 3/4G LTE network enabling the user to monitor and connect remotely. Cutting time and cost out of the equation. No more unnecessary travel to turn on or off equipment.

  • Water and foam level detection
  • Automated control of the water spray heads based on foam level.
  • Data services
  • Total water usage data.
  • Foam level history data.

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