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Save time saving lives!

Back in the day, families installed large red fire alert sticker signs in the windows of children, elders, and invalids in their home. This made it easy for firefighters and rescue people to target their rescue efforts to the most vulnerable people. Unfortunately, this also put up a target for undesirables to exploit the weak. This became a problem and people stopped using the signs. Hence, the Beam Ready BR-1000H.

  • Easy Installation
  • 24/7 Protection
  • Proven reliability
  • Performance in extreme environments
  • Rapid time to market


Install a BR-1000H In the window of any child, elderly, or disabled person: The BR-1000 is triggered by any smoke detector alarm audio within 30 feet. The device will illuminate a multicolored high intensity flashing LED in the window of the individual. The BR-1000 will also shoot a high intensity laser beam out the window that will cut through any smoke and illuminate the room that requires attention first. This will give the fireman and rescue teams a direct path to the person’s room.


Lead the first responder personnel to your children, elderly, or disabled quickly. Saving time saves lives!


Enabling visitors or employees to evacuate commercial buildings quickly. Saving time saves lives!


Our capabilities are based on the most complete cloud platform, optimized for machine learning and high-performance computing, with the highest levels of security and analysis.

Rescue Teams

Getting the efficiency needed to make your clients happy. Using top of the line components and programing then into the environment best fit for your needs.

Alerts & Notification

High intensity LED's and LED laser lights guide rescue teams quickly to vulnerable people and also guide people quickly to emergency exits. Sends text messages and/or emails to notify emergency personnel and family members via the server and App.

Great Ideas

Integrating with most existing alarm companies and smart home technologies.

Why choose Beam ready?

Triggers when the smoke alarm sounds, detects gas and carbon monoxide, signals first responders where a person is located through the window.

Whether the IIoT application involves wireless, wired or a combination of LTE and LPWAN connectivity technologies, we engineer and assemble high-performance, long-life computing solutions.

Detecting Gas

Gas is one of the silent killers that no one detects until it is too late.

Connecting Emergency Responce

Register your local emergency responders to take action. Via fire, gas, police, etc.


Our technology can be easily customized to your needs.






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Commercial and indusrial facilities

BeamReady Laser

The Beam Ready Laser is easily installed at the base board of any institution enabling visitors or employees to find the emergency exit in any building. In some cases, you have to crawl out of certain locations during a fire. Due to smoke it is very difficult to see the exit signs. The laser will guide you in the right direction.

  • Triggers when smoke alarm sounds
  • Detects natural gas and carbon monoxide
  • Notifies local emergency agencies
  • Gives the location of the device that has detected such gasses
  • Safety is our number one priority

Products we have developed

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