Smart Water
Freeze and Leak Detection

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Smart water freeze and leak detection for irrigation and commercial applications

The sensor technology is integrated with a microprocessor and a WIFI module. The FL-1000 user interface allows the user to test for leaks at any time. Enter emails to forward leak detection and freeze warning alarms. The user can enter a temperature set point value to trigger an alarm or warning when the water temperature reaches that set point.

  • Detects down to 1 drop per minute
  • Trigger an alarm notification via text or email
  • Works with any electric valve plugged into a smart socket or connect through an IFTTT partner
  • Great for winterizing your property and irrigation system
  • Gives an alarm if the pipe is dry


MC Smart Controls offers services for property and facility management companies.

Easy Installation

It works with PEX, Copper, and PVC.

Property Management

You are able to add as many properties with ease and identify when and where you are receiving the alert.

Freeze Alarms

After configuring your set point the device will notify you in plenty of time before catastrophic damage.

Quick Responce

The sensor is so sensitive it will trigger the moment with no delay.

International Markets

The device is up to international standards.

Way wait?

Get your leak detection now before it's too late.

FL-1000 Irrigation

Realize maximum value when you or your team can be notified that you have a leak and know where to look. No more unnecessary digging.

We play well with others

Our systems for industrial IoT reliably sense, freeze and water leaks within the irrigation system. Works with all solenoids and flow meters.

Connects to most standard irrigation systems.

Where performance makes a difference, our smart technology integrates seamless or we are able to start from the ground up to enhance customization for longer lasting operations.

Keeping you alert

The system will notify you if there is a possible freeze, dry pipe, or the smallest leak in the system. By adding a device to each zone you will know the location of the leak.

Proven reliability

No more doubts about where the leak is located. Feel at ease that you will have maximum knowledge that your property is safe.

Get the latest news

Stay in touch with what MC Smart Controls is doing right now.

Property/Facility Management

Smart management system

Smart Property Management System will allow the user to connect to multiple sites under one account. This works great for commercial, and apartment buildings, and communities with the HOA. This will allow for onsite leak detection. Know which floor a leak is present. Know which apartment has a leak.

Smart management system works great with:

  • Managed Communities
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Industrial parks
  • Plant facilities
  • Swimming Pool Management
  • University Campus

FL-1000 Alarms

A user will be notified via email or Text message system

Products we have developed

MC Smart Controls core technology


Smart water leak detection


Smart Irrigation Controller


Smart Fire Assist


DeFoam sensor

Our Clients and Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have tried to answer most the questions that come up.

  • FL-1000 is a smart water freeze and leak detector with built in WIFI and access point. Install the device directly to your main water line and the device will alert you in case of any water leaks.

  • The FL-1000 utilizes solid state sensor technology to sense the flow or movement of the water in the pipe it can also detect the temperature of the water in the pipe to notify a potential freeze. Once the leak is detected it will send an alert regarding if there is a leak, potential freeze, or if there is a dry pipe. In this case the system will sleep until the problem is solved. The device can also be connected to any electrical valve or smart valve via RS-485, or smart plug that works with IFTTT.

  • The device has three time intervals in which the user sets the time and the device will test the system for any possible leaks. Enter email and phone number to forward warning alarms. It is ideal to set the test times while you are away. Example 3:00 AM or when there is no water traffic at the location.

  • NO, the device is stand alone, meaning that you can access the device even when the internet is down. Each device has its own access point, like you would look for your local WIFI access point. You will see FL-1000 and connect the device with any device. Then Once the device is registered, the device will be seen without any additional set up. No more port forwarding.

  • Our technology incorporates a built-in access point, RS-485 communications port to support industry-standard communication protocols or a standalone touch screen. This allows the system to interface other existing technologies and radio communications to multiple units or mesh network setup without an extra expensive gateway. No other leak detection as of yet has the capability. It works with residential, commercial, irrigation, and swimming pools.
    Most water leak sensors, wait until the water touches the sensor if it is on the floor. Through IFTTT we like to say it is an added benefit to have these sensors in case there is a leak in the drain. You will be able to differentiate between a leaky drain, rather than a leaky pipe. The FL-1000 is best installed at the main water intake just before the main water valve. It can be installed all over the property to have more identifying locations. Example, apartment buildings, have a main water closet, and each apartment or office has a shut off in each location. This is great from property and facility management to identify the location without having to bother each tenant to locate the leak. Or wait until you receive an enormous water bill.

  • The single device does not, but we suggest the best smart water meters to integrate with, so there is a great benefit to use higher standard water meters to give water totals. Through our IIOT environment we can connect other devices to give such data. When Used with the Rainpal smart irrigation system, then yes. The Rainpal has a built-in daily water flow usage with any standard irrigation flow meter. Connected via RS-485 or hard wired to the controller.