Why beam ready?

Back in the day, families installed large red fire alert sticker signs in the windows of children, elders, and invalids in their home. This made it easy for firefighters and rescue people to target their rescue efforts to the most vulnerable people. Unfortunately, this also put up a target for undesirables to exploit the weak.   This became a problem and people stopped using the signs.
Hence, the Beam Ready BR-1000H.

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Easy Installation

Install battery. Install Beam Ready on window pane or base board utilizing provided self adhesive.

24/7 Protection

24/7 cloud based sever monitoring. The Beam Read will notify you when it is time to change the battery

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Install a BR-1000H In the window of any child, elderly, or disabled person: The BR-1000 is triggered by any smoke detector alarm audio within 30 feet. The device will illuminate a multicolored high intensity flashing LED in the window of the individual.
The BR-1000 will also shoot a high intensity laser beam out the window that will cut through any smoke and illuminate the room that requires attention first.
This will give the fireman and rescue teams a direct path to the person’s room.


Lead the first responder personnel to your children, elderly, or disabled quickly.
Saving time saves lives!

Rescue Teams

Building rescue responders app for locating persons in residential and comercial buildings during emergency events.


Enabeling visitors or employees to evacuate commercial buildings quickly.
Saving time saves lives!

Alerts & Notification

High intensity LED's and LED laser lights guide rescue teams quickly to vulnerable people and also guide people quickly to emergency exits. Sends text messages aand/or emails to notify emergency personnel and family members via the server and App.

Great Ideas

Integrating with most existing alarm companies and smart home technologies.

Cost Effective

Anyone can afford this technology. How much is a life worth?

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Beam Ready

"The Beam Ready BR-1000 Saves Lives".

Smart home, IFTTT & IOT compatible

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Great for hearing impaired

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