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About Us

Providing a brilliant solution for IoT and IIoT development.

MC Smart Controls is a company dedicated to the development of products and services to reduce costs and increase productivity.

We are a forward-thinking company based in The United States and Chile. Introducing a variety of innovative technologies, developing products and services for mining, agriculture, municipal, commercial, and community applications.

  • Unparalleled performance
  • Keeping you competitive
  • Proven reliability
  • Performance in extreme weather environments
  • Rapid time to market

FL-1000 Smart Leak Detection System

For Commercial Applications – Apartments, Condominiums , and Commercial Buildings.


MC Smart Controls offers services for integrating our technology with you.


We provide design and integration with what you already have or start from the ground up.

Project Management

Our team provides a full project management report in detail from concept to deliverables keeping cost in mind.

Machine Learning

Our capabilities are based on the most complete cloud platform, optimized for machine learning and high-performance computing, with the highest levels of security and analysis.


Getting the efficency needed to make your clients happy. Using top of the line components and programing them into the environment best fit for your needs.

International Markets

MC Smart Controls is located on two continents with partners abroad in the UAE and European Markets allowing for quick international relations and partnership building.

Time for Deployment

Our technology is developed in mind for plug and play. Easy integration and efficient app development to get your products to market quickly.

Why choose us?

Realize maximum value with our expertise in embedded systems for industrial IoT. We deliver embedded systems and customized solutions that empower IIoT devices in the field to gather data and communicate with other connected systems.

Whether the IIoT application involves wireless, wired or a combination of LTE or LPWAN connectivity technologies, we engineer and assemble high-performance, long-life computing solutions.

Our embedded systems for industrial IoT reliably sense, control and transmit data between different IIoT devices and harsh environments.

Unparalleled performance

Where performance makes a difference, our smart technology integrates seamless or we are able to start from the ground up to enhance customization for longer lasting operations.

Keeping you competitive

Partnering with MC Smart Controls adds value to your overall place as a technology leader that will outperform the competition in your industry.

Proven reliability

No more doubts about how a system performs. Feel at ease that you will have maximum uptime and knowledge that your assets are performing accurately.






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Smart Automated Management System

Smart Device Management

The smart device management system allows all devices to report events, current weather, realtime data from the assets in the field to the central control center and your smart device. This enables the user to access each device and take action or configure the device remotely.

  • Remote Access
  • SMART Packages
  • Data services
  • Performance in extreme weather environments
  • Rapid time to market

Reduce unneeded trips to sites.

Most companies spend thousands of dollars on commuting to each asset in the field. This process takes time and money.

Have all the machines data history and with our machine learning algorithm, you will now be able to schedule maintenance checks when needed.

Reset machines and know how long they have been running. Have historical data and when the machine was serviced and by whom.

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DeFoam sensor

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