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About Rainpal

12 Zone Smart weather based irrigation controller.

The Rainpal smart irrigation controller design is the most recent, state-of-the-art weather based smart irrigation controller available today. The complexity and accuracy of the weather and feature based technology is the most accurate and easiest user experience available. The Only Smart Irrigation Controller Available with Leak Detection and Freeze Protection.

  • Can scale up to as many zones as you need
  • WIFI/LAN/RS-485/4G communications
  • Leak and freeze detection
  • On-Board Access Point
  • Flow meter and rain sensor ports
  • Connects additional electrical equipment


MC Smart Controls offers weather services and scaled irrigation projects for any application.


We offer the best fully remote smart irrigation controller that can retrofit and be integrated into most irrigation systems.

Easy Setup

Our team has developed a totally user-friendly Interface that allows the end user to see how much water is being used, run time, suspend for parties and special events, as well as allowing the user to have more than one property with our new aggregate software.

Differentiating Features

Onboard web server, Onboard access point, WIFI|LAN|RS-485|4G communications, Free Real Time Local Weather Subscriptions, ET algorithm for specific plant, soil type and sun exposure configuration. Able to control out door electrical devices (fountains, pool pumps, jacuzzi and lights all from the touch of your smart device.

On Board Access point

The only Smart Irrigation Controllers in the world with this capability. What this means is a person can connect to the unit with any smart device without internet or a WIFI network. No cabling required. This is an incredible feature! Realize the power of this function (new landscaping control with no internet, no access to home network by the gardener).

Leak Freeze protection

The only smart irrigation controller with leak and freeze detection on the market. This allows the user to know when to blow out the system before the freeze begins and to alert the user in real time when there is a problem within the irrigation system. i.e. stuck heads, open valves or breaks in the line that go unnoticed for days.

Cost Effective

Our technology incorporates an RS-485 communications port to support industry-standard communication protocols or a standalone touch screen. This allows the system to interface other existing technologies and radio communications to multiple unit’s master/slave setup. No other irrigation controller as of yet has the capability.

Why choose us?

The Rainpal smart irrigation controller design is the most recent, state-of-the-art weather based smart irrigation controller available today with 4G and multiple communication ports. The complexity and accuracy of the weather and feature based technology is the most accurate and easiest user experience available. The only smart irrigation controller available with Leak Detection and Freeze Protection.

Whether the IIoT application involves wireless, wired or a combination of LTE or LPWAN connectivity, we engineer and assemble high-performance, long-life computing solutions.


RainPal is a smart irrigation 12 zone controller with built in WIFI, Access point, LAN and 4G communications. The controller receives high-resolution weather data specific to the property and then calculates the effects of those weather factors on the unique combination of plant type, soil, and sun exposure within each zone.

EPA WaterSense Certified

Partnering with MC Smart Controls adds value to your overall place as a technology leader that will outperform the competition in your industry.

Golf Course

Rainpal is able to connect as many controllers together because they all have their own IP address. This enables us to create a custom client page to enable access to all the sites in one location. This demo is from our LINKS Paso Robles Golf Course project from 2016 in Paso Robles California.

Freeze and Leak Detection

The FL-1000 user interface allows the user to test for leaks at any time. Enter emails to forward leak detection and freeze warning alarms. The user can enter a temperature set point value to trigger an alarm or warning when the water temperature reaches the set point.






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Smart Agriculture Management System

“SAM” Smart Automated Management System will allow the user to connect to multiple sites under one account. It connects all mechanical equipment and smart devices using 3/4G LTE network enabling the user to monitor and connect remotely. Cutting time and cost out of the equation. No more unnecessary travel to turn on or off equipment. Irrigate with a more intelligent weather-based controller. Connect to a local weather network, get alerts for water freeze and leak detection. Save water and gain higher yields annually. Cut down on pesticides and over fertilizing costs. SAM works with most mechanical equipment. Ask for a consultation regarding your project.

  • Cloud services
  • SMART Packages
  • Data services
  • Performance in extreme weather environments
  • Rapid time to market

Products we have developed

MC Smart Controls core technology


Smart water leak detection


Smart Irrigation Controller


Smart Fire Assist


DeFoam sensor

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer as many questions that have come up

  • The only smart irrigation system controller with an onboard WEB server with WIFI Hotspot capability. User can access the unit via a smart device with no network connection. Only controller at this price point with a LAN port and 4G connection. Only commercial controller with leak and freeze detection capability as well as flow sensor option. The only smart irrigation controller with connecting other electrical features capability.

  • Evapotranspiration is a model that calculates the water lost by an area of vegetation. Some water is lost due to the Evaporation of water from the soil and from the outside of the plants. Other water is lost due to Transpiration, which is the process within the plant that pulls water (and nutrients!) in through the roots to replace water vapor that leaves through the leaves and petals.

  • So far as we know, most other controllers that take measurements on-site determine only temperature and humidity. Temperature is the easiest variable to measure, but often the least significant variable in calculating water loss. Rainpal uses temperature, humidity, wind, and solar radiation (which requires knowing latitude, date, sun angle, humidity, cloud cover and visibility) to calculate the water lost by the vegetation and soil. Wind and solar radiation have massive effects on water loss, much more than temperature. So far as we know Rainpal is the only commercial controller to take all these variables into account,

  • YES, After a great deal of research, we determined that there are many soil moisture probes that are compatible. Not saying you really need them unless you have very specifically engineered vegetation.

  • Not in our opinion. Only Rainpal uses the actual weather data and zone configuration to calculate the specific amount of water lost by that zone. Other controllers apply a consistent adjustment across all zones, merely altering the watering time for all zones by the same percentage. However, that assumes that every plant in every zone is affected by the weather the same way. Two days after a rain, when it’s hot, dry, windy, and sunny, it might be time to provide water to fresh flowers or a South-facing lawn of cool climate grasses. However, the hardwood bushes on the shady side of the house may not need any water for a few more days. Rainpal will take that all into account and save water every time it can safely do so.

  • You wouldn’t cancel a picnic the day prior based on a 50% chance of rain, so why would we cancel something as critical as landscape irrigation? It’s hard enough to forecast whether rain will occur, and it’s next to impossible to forecast the actual amount. We stop irrigation during rain, and then the algorithm uses the actual amount that fell on or near the property to calculate the next watering duration for each zone.

  • The data service provides the weather data most applicable to the property. It uses the actual latitude and longitude of the property, something almost no one else does. If it can’t find a certified reporting station on or adjacent to the property, it triangulates to get the best weather data possible.