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MC Smart Controls is a forward thinking company based in The United States and Chile that is introducing a variety of innovative technologies such as smart irrigation controllers, lighting, and off grid solutions to USA and Latin America, beginning with Chile and branching out to the rest of the southern hemisphere. Our mission is to save water, power and chemicals for residential, commercial, municipal, and agricultural facilities. Water is our number one resource that gets taken for granted and everyone should be responsible for how we conserve water or squander it. MC Smart Controls has partnered up with Smart Cloud Irrigation LLC. and RAINPALS LLC. located in the United States. They have been developing sophisticated technologies aimed at the commercial and agricultural irrigation market at a more cost effective price point to help save water and gain higher yields for the agricultural area. These advanced lower cost technologies have already been applied to residential, commercial and municipal irrigation solutions. Also, for green spaces and thriving vegetation for sustainable infrastructure around our communities.

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