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RainPal Pro is a smart irrigation 12 zone controller with built in WIFI, Access point, and LAN. The controller receives high-resolution weather data specific to the property, and then calculates the effects of those weather factors on the unique combination of plants, soil, and sun exposure within each zone. The controller is EPA WaterSense certified. The Rainpal Pro is the only smart weather based irrigation controller at any price point that has sensitive water leak and freeze detection capability. Rainpal Pro is the only residential controller with built in flow sensor capability. Rainpal Pro has a built in user interface as well as cloud based server capability which allows access to the controller from anywhere in the world via free smart APP.

The FL-1000 free user interface allows the user to test for leaks at any time. Enter emails to forward leak detection and freeze warning alarms. The user can enter a temperature set point value to trigger an alarm or warning when the water temperature reaches the set point.


Introducing Rainpal Pro

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The Rainpal smart irrigation controller design is the most recent, state-of-the-art weather based smart irrigation controller available today. The complexity and accuracy of the weather and feature based technology is the most accurate and easiest user experience available. The Only Smart Irrigation Controller Available with Leak Detection and Freeze Protection.
  • The only smart irrigation system controller with an onboard WEB server with WIFI Hotspot capability.
  • User can access the unit via a smart device with no network connection.
  • Only controller at this price point with A LAN port connection.
  • Only residential controller with leak detection capability as well as flow sensor option.
  • The only smart irrigation controller with Holiday lighting capability.
Evapotranspiration is a model that calculates the water lost by an area of vegetation. Some water is lost due to the Evaporation of water from the soil and from the outside of the plants. Other water is lost due to Transpiration, which is the process within the plant that pulls water (and nutrients!) in through the roots to replace water vapor that leaves through the leaves and petals.
So far as we know, most other controllers that take measurements on-site determine only temperature and humidity. Temperature is the easiest variable to measure, but often the least significant variable in calculating water loss. Rainpal Pro uses temperature, humidity, wind, and solar radiation (which requires knowing latitude, date, sun angle, humidity, cloud cover and visibility) to calculate the water lost by the vegetation and soil. Wind and solar radiation have massive effects on water loss, much more than temperature. So far as we know Rainpal Pro is the only residential controller to take all these variables into account.
YES, After a great deal of research, we determined that there are many soil moisture probes that are compatible. Not saying you really need them unless you have very specifically engineered vegetation.
You wouldn’t cancel a picnic the day prior based on a 50% chance of rain, so why would we cancel something as critical as landscape irrigation? It’s hard enough to forecast whether rain will occur, and it’s next to impossible to forecast the actual amount. We stop irrigation during rain, and then the algorithm uses the actual amount that fell on or near the property to calculate the next watering duration for each zone.
NO, it is free for the USA!
Pay attention to the vast difference in their capabilities and ease-of-use, and to the number of zones in the base price. Note how much more it would cost to upgrade the device to the full capabilities of Rainpal Pro with 12 discrete zones and 24 maximum devices powered. Each zone is electrically rated to power 2 irrigation valves or relays, so as long as two devices can be operated on the same schedule, it’s easy to set up 24 zones.
Every Rainpal Pro will be updated automatically whenever we add a new feature, AT NO CHARGE. The device communicates with a central server each day, and when new features become available, it will download the firmware automatically and the unit will be upgraded – at no cost, and at no trouble. We send an email to every customer advising them of the upcoming changes, including providing instructions and hints for getting the most out of the new features. The units bought by our very first customers have the same capabilities today as the ones just shipped.

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