About MC Smart Controls

MC Smart Controls is a forward-thinking company based in The United States and Chile that is introducing a variety of innovative technologies such as FL-1000 Smart Water Leak and Freeze Detection for USA and Latin America, beginning with USA and Chile and branching out to the rest of the northern and southern hemispheres. Our mission is to save water, power and chemicals for residential, commercial, municipal, and agricultural facilities. Water is our number one resource that gets taken for granted and everyone should be responsible for how we conserve water or squander it. MC Smart Controls SpA LATAM has partnered up with Mani Corporation "MC Smart Controls LLC." and RAINPALS LLC. located in the United States. They have been developing sophisticated technologies aimed at the commercial and agricultural irrigation market at a more cost effective price point to help save water and gain higher yields for the agricultural area. These advanced lower cost technologies have already been applied to residential, commercial and municipal irrigation solutions. Also, for green spaces and thriving vegetation for sustainable infrastructure around our communities.

Why Choose Us?

MC Smart Controls is a company dedicated to the sale of products for saving extensive water damage and water waste in home projects and intelligent irrigation control systems. We are exclusive distributors of RAINPAL in USA and Chile. We have also just created the latest paten pending FL-1000 WIFI controlled leak and freeze detection for residential homes and irrigation controllers.

MC Smart Controls also develops web based weather interfaces for companies and private licensing partners.

Our Works

  • Smart Home Integration We offer the best fully remote smart irrigation controller with leak and freeze detection that can stand alone or integrated into most smart home control systems.
  • Easy Setup User Interface Our team has developted a totally user friendly Interface that allows the end user to see how much water is being used, run time, suspend for parties and special events, as well as allowing the user to have more then one property with our new aggregate software.
  • Differentiating Features Onboard web server, DYN/DNS IP solution, Onboard accesspoint, WIFI|LAN|WAN, API, Real Time Local Weather Subscriptions, ET algorithm for specific plant, soil type and sun exposutre configuration. Mobile APP, Able to control out door electrical devices (fountains,pool pumps, jacuzzy and lights all from the touch of your smart device.
  • Quality Design with On Board Access Point The only Smart Irrigation Controllers in the world with this capability. What this means is a person can connect to the unit with any smart device without internet or a Wi-Fi network. No cabling required. This is an incredible feature! Realize the power of this function (new landscaping control with no internet, no access to home network by the gardener).
  • Cost Effective Our technology incorporates an RS-232/RS-485 communications port to support industry-standard communication protocols or a standalone touch screen. This allows the system to interface other existing technologies and radio communications to multiple units master/slave setup. No other irrigation controller as of yet has the capability.

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